View Full Version : Odd looking Wollensak M82

03-16-2013, 03:27 PM
Greetings, This is my first time posting.

I am trying to do a M1C build and I have been scouring the internet for an M82 scope. I ran across this one on GB but the finish is strange. All the Wollensak pictures I can find show the scopes being blued. This one appears to be parkerized. It has all the correct serial numbers in all the right places. Should I run away? I found an article (trying to find again) that said some Wollensak M82s were parkerized from the factory.




03-18-2013, 01:40 PM
Bruce Canfield mentions (in his M1 Garand / M1 carbine book) the fact that a small number of M82's were in fact parkerized from the factory. On the other hand many that started life blued were parkerized during arsenal refurbishing. I'd ask for close-up photos of the markings on the scope.