View Full Version : Donated Valmet Model 45 from 1952

Bob Smalser
07-02-2014, 10:38 PM
A former Air Force Service Rifle Champion and Olympic Trials competitor from back in the early 1960's donated his 1952 Valmet Model 45 to our junior precision small-bore program. An old, cut-down club rifle he bought for $25, he thought the barrel was shot out.

Turns out all it needed was a new crown, although we cut the barrel to 500mm and added weight to the buttplate so as to bring the rifle's balance to the front of the receiver ring to match our Annies.

It's still a bit heavy (13lbs 14oz) and looks like a barking dog, but this old dog can still stand up and sing. ;)

As it's still too heavy for our youngsters, it's available on Gunbroker and we'll use the proceeds toward a more suitable target rifle.