View Full Version : Two bayonets arrived...

11-23-2010, 04:57 PM
I ordered them on the 15th and they arrived today even though Fed-x said they would be delivered on the 28th, yay.

Both are well used BNS but there is no damage to the blades. One of the grip panels had been replaced with a brown one and was ill fitting and held in place with a sheet metal screw. I fitted the grip panel and made a screw so everything is in order now. One scabbard is E-US in a flaming bomb and the other one is unmarked, may be under heavy paint, and the tip had been repaired. Both are functional.

Both bayonets would probably go for 65 bucks or a bit more here at the gun shows. They serve the purpose I bought them for anyway. Now, I would like a 16 inch bayonet to fit on my Great War 03. I may end with a replica. They don't look too bad and the price is reasonable.....chris3