View Full Version : cart shows items

11-30-2010, 03:32 PM
for more self abuse thought i'd check the e-store....cart still shows most of the items I tried to order..except for the Wilde and Onedias that WERE in the cart..but decided to make a break for it when I wasn't looking..as well as a couple flash hiders that decided to hide as well...SO..what the hey..try checkout...earlier I tried..the system was toying with me..I could get all the way thru to submit..then bingo..some sort of error card gobbleygook...now when I try to checkout..get a red ERROR page saying system down...strangly when I look at the bayonets on the sales page...I notice a couple more have sold out..but they still show up in my cart...so how did those pesky wilde and onedias get out the cart...perplexing:confused: