View Full Version : Fake Garand Clips

Bill Ricca
05-17-2012, 11:33 AM
Naturally many different ones are being made. One of the latest and most interesting is the DAQ. An online company states they are reproductions but the company has probably been given a lot of mis-information.

The web site claims the clips were made on "existing tooling with the D-A-Q mark from the Dominion Arsenal Quebec."

The problem is the Arsenal did not make the clips; thus never owned the tooling. Dominion Arsenal was run, under US contract, by a Canadian Company (I know the name). That Canadian company offered the contract to make clips in a bidding process and another Canadian Company (I know that name too) won the contract. Because Dominion Arsenal had the responsibility to load clips with ammunition and store the clips, the clips were marked DAQ. When asked, the on line seller did not know the name of who provided the tooling.

Note the current markings are backwards, QAD:


Keep in mind the more we study contracts, the better we can keep the truth of Ordnance History alive. The next 10 years "original scarce items" will be available in large quantities, forever.