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.30 Carbine 11-27-2009 09:17 PM

M1903 Sporterized Springfields
Our Grandfather purchased two M1903 Springfields back in the days when they were cheap from the DCM. I have one, in very good condition for the most part (serial number is 900,xxx) and my brother has the other that was "Sporterized". I do not have a picture of the Sporterized version, however I have attached two photos of the unaltered version. After doing some research I see some mentioning of 6,000 Springfield 1903 NRA sporter .30-06. How do you tell if it was sporterized in someone's garage, vice being a Springfield 1903 NRA sporter .30-06? Are there markings to differentiate? Did any come from the Springfield factory sporterized after the war(s)? I see the NRA versions going for thousand's of dollars and I see some of the DIY types for a couple of hundred dollars. Can someone provide a little background on the sporterized 1903's? Also, for insurance purposes, what would the value of the M1903 below be, approximately. Thanks!

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218bee 11-28-2009 08:36 AM

Ways to tell an NRA Sporter
I have an SRS-papered NRA Sporter, but I am no expert on these...Here's what I found when searching as you are now.....

The front receiver ring, where it meets the barrel is rounded over..Put it next to a USGI unrounded one and you can immediatly tell....

Second, and most importantly, they were in a specific serial range time frame...I haven't got my Brophy book in front of me, but I approximate from 1.2 million through 1.4 million you will find NRA Sporters..

Third. I beleive they all had star-guaged barrels..some had the round star-guage stamp on the muzzle, some don't, but all should have a star-guage number stamped on the underside of the barrel, undeer the wood...Mine says "B 2188" but I have seen 3-digit numbers as well...

Fourth, the stock is a specially made unit for these rifles..The back end looks like the stock in your picture above, but the front end is cut down and tapered nicely to about 2 inches in front of a special barrel band that is designed to accept the barrel & bottom stock only..(no top handguard on Sporters)...

There is more, like a nicely blued finish, Lyman receiver sight on rear of receiver and a cast, flat-fitting buttplate, but this should get you going...

Again, I'm no expert, but do yourself a favor and pick up Brophy's 1903 Springfield book....It's a wealth of knowledge and it covers all kinds of 03's you'll ever come across..

good luck


.30 Carbine 11-28-2009 08:59 AM

218bee, thanks for the info. I will track down the book you mentioned.

shuppr 12-03-2010 11:13 AM

Restoring a M1903 Sporter
Do not have an Pics at the moment to post but recently purchased a Sporterized M1903 serial 1,2xx,xxx for 349.00 at a Pawn shop. Looks to be the original stock cut down with no top hand guard. Has been drilled and tapped for a scope. I recently purchased front and rear sight for it and installed them as I am not a big fan of scopes. My question is would it be worth puting an original M1903 full stock back on it or leave it with the half stock. All in all total cost for everything was 410.00 so far. If not may pass it on to my son and get an original M1903 / M1903A3. Any one have any thoughs on this.

Rick the Librarian 12-03-2010 11:33 AM

If the rear sight base is still there, it might be worth it; if not, it isn't IMHO.

shuppr 12-03-2010 11:39 AM

Rear sight base is there and I have installed a rear sight on it. I know it will never be a collector item but I like things to be original if worth it and when I can. Serial number dates to Jul 1921 and Barrel is dated 12-41. Not sure if it is NRA Sporter or a DIY.

Bob S 12-04-2010 12:58 PM

NRA sporters never had the issue rear sight, and the barrel will not have the cuts for the pins that secure the fixed base of the M1905 sight. NRA sporters were D&T for the Lyman 48 at the armory and that sight was provided.

Note that this is quite different from the NRA-sales Service Rifle of the pre-WW I period.

Bob S.

US Navy Distinguished Marksman No. O-067

"It's REAL, it's wood and steel!"

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