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broomhandle 08-20-2017 09:46 AM

Repro 03- Canvas rifle bags?
Hi All,

Are the canvas rifle bags from Pacific Canvas, Sarco,IMA & others any good?
Is one dealer's product better then the other?
Are they a good copy or at least made well? I was very happy with a few items I bought from Pacific & IMA.

We all know that Sarco can be hit or miss.

Thanks for any help,

GM1MAN 08-20-2017 08:17 PM

I have used the canvas reproduction cases for the M-1 Garand and M-1 Carbine that I bought from IMA. They were not expensive and they hold up well. I use them to transport rifles back and forth to the range.

I don't believe that I paid more than $40.00 each for them.


broomhandle 08-20-2017 10:25 PM


Glad to hear they stand up to actual use.

Thanks for the reply,

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