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Herre1kh 07-31-2020 10:47 AM

WTB M1 Garand Front Handguard, GI Walnut
Hello all!

Looking for a replacement front handguard for my USGI walnut stock. My current one has a pinned crack that isn't holding up well, and has a lot of rotational play. In need of replacement. Not too worried about external condition as long as it's not too badly damaged and is functional. The coloration of the rest of my stock is the typical reddish brown on most surplus walnut stocks.While it would be nice to match that color, understand that it may not be possible but just thought I'd mention it just in case.

If anyone has an extra they may be willing to part with, please let me know as I'd be interested in making a deal.

Appreciate it!


Blockhead 08-01-2020 12:11 AM

For some reason I can't PM or email you. Hit me up and we'll see if I can find a match.

Herre1kh 08-01-2020 09:14 AM

Thanks for the reply! In case the PMs still arenít working, just wanted to let you know I messaged you last night. In the event there are still some issues, I can just give you my email.


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