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slufstuff 10-18-2017 05:09 PM

Beware Sarco M8A1 scabbards
Just a heads up. I recently ordered a quantity of M8A1 bayonet scabbards from Sarco, Inc. that were both clearly described as, and pictured as used, good condition USGI scabbards. These are the ones listed with a price of $7.50 each on their website, item BAY039.

Well what I received today were new condition Chinese copies of the M8A1. They were OK repos, but that is not what was described. I ought to have known better as I have been the victim of their bait and switch selling previously. So I am posting this in case any of the forum members see that ad and are tempted to send their hard earned money. Beware!

Now I get to repack this stuff and return it. :mad:

Skeet6 10-18-2017 05:37 PM

Often, you will see threads here and many folks will say just that... "beware Sarco" - hit or miss there at best. Sometimes fine, sometimes notsomuch.
Mike B

Calif-Steve 10-18-2017 10:09 PM

I gave up on Scrapco years ago. Way to many "lost" orders and slow service.

JAG 10-23-2017 11:34 AM

I quit using Sarco, poor service, SLOW shipping, misleading advertisement on items compared to what you actually receive.

GotSnlB28 10-23-2017 08:09 PM

Yep, I have been disappointed more than once with Sarco. Not my go to parts source for sure.

flatlander 10-23-2017 10:20 PM

As I can, you need to go to the store in Easton, PA and select, wide bell curve on their parts. I know, not good business.

rekkert 10-25-2017 06:55 PM

Here's a good place to get a real bayonet...... or 25, next month!

slufstuff 10-25-2017 08:17 PM


Originally Posted by rekkert (Post 1649846)
Here's a good place to get a real bayonet...... or 25, next month!

I would be bidding the heck out of those auctions, however when you dig into the fine print, it is very heavily weighted to favor big surplus dealers. For example, they offer no direct shipping, only third party shippers who charge a substantial fee to not only pack and ship your items, but for acting as your receiving agent. Then you have to contend with the end user certificate process which can take several weeks to be approved by the state department after each sale. Each lot you win has to have an approval. About the only way an individual or small time dealer could afford to buy these would be if you were local to the auction site. Even then you still have to do the end user dance. Finally, they have arcane rules on bidding. For example, if you are a new bidder, you are only allowed to bid on 3 lots at a time. So if you are outbid at the last second on your desired lots, you have to wait until the next auction cycle to bid again. Then you have to meet the minimum purchase rule, which is you cannot bid on more than 3 lots until you have won 6 auctions. The Catch 22 is, you can only bid on 3 at any given time, so it could take several auction cycles before you can get the 6 winning bids. Of course if you have won auctions previously (such as the big surplus dealers), you are allowed to bid on as many lots as you wish. They really do not want the general public winning these bayonet auctions.

These .gov rules are a pet peeve of mine, as it is clearly rigged to divert these surplus bayonets into the hands of big dealers.

The lack of in-house shipping (something Uncle Sam's retail Outlet seems to handle efficiently) makes it almost futile for the small buyer of the auctions. Plus they charge a 12.5% buyers premium on top of your bid, PLUS sales tax for your state of residence. The only way to make it feasible is to buy in big volume, have a retail sales tax exemption, and drive there to pick it up in person.

I almost forgot, in addition to all the above, you also have to submit the End User Certificate in paper form only, no on-line submission process exists. None of your purchases goes anywhere until it comes back approved.

The Original Youngblood 10-28-2017 01:48 PM

Thanks for taking the time to give us a heads-up about those scabbards, slufstuff!

... and the explanation regarding the govliquidation rules. :)

OKC_Jim 11-02-2017 11:49 PM


Originally Posted by slufstuff (Post 1649872)
Then you have to contend with the end user certificate process....

Yep, USRO or the gov apparently doesn't like the little guy. I am local to one of the stores and was there all the time when they had knives and bayonets available on the retail side of the business. I could buy 1 or 2 for my own use. Then the rules changed. Not sure if it is their rules or the government's but all bayonets now go to auction and require a EUC. Knives still occasionally show up in the store but it seems like most go to auction.

When the rules change first took place I was told that the government would be contacting all individuals that had purchased bayonets from the retail side of the operation and requiring those individuals to either complete a EUC or return the items.

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