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mac1911 04-16-2019 04:00 PM

FAL for Modern Mil , anyone
Anyone out there running a FAL in Modern Mil?
What sling works for you?

Any videos of one in action at cmp match?

ceresco 04-16-2019 06:36 PM

I have used the FN49, but not a FNFAL. Have seen one in use and I must say I admire the shooter's spirit, but the FAL carries a couple big disadvantages. The sling attaches directly to the barrel--nothing is going to help here. Additionally, there is a hinge between the front sight and rear sight which might not make much difference in a battle, but definately not helpful in match shooting. Good Shooting. ....

charles isaac 04-28-2019 09:02 AM

Ceresco is on it doggone-it!

I can bust into the 290s with that Belgian B!tch. Done it. With US M80 Ball Machinegun ammo too. Some of the weirdies were looking at me like they wanted to have me drawn and quartered, you know, the overly competitive types. Especially when the only mod to the rifle was to make the rear sight aperture half the original diameter.

Because of the things Ceresco mentioned, donít use a sling! If you do use the sling with it, you will think your bullets are drunk!

Been using the M1907 sling for almost 50 years. When it comes to slings and the FN FAL, just say no.

Good Luck Sir

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