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USMC1302 06-25-2018 04:54 PM

Just a thank you
Received a Service Grade. I enclosed a "green sticky" (I was out of yellow). Asked for a post war of either kind. 5.8 mil Springfield. 1+ throat, 1+ muzzle. CMP wood, IHC trigger housing (complete) and, of course, shoots better than me. 6 rounds, left and up for 2 X's. 100 yards. No pictures because I am old and stupid.

Thank you for a fine shooter.

Tom W

Col. USMC (Ret)

junnie 05-21-2019 04:27 PM

Recieved my M1 Special Grade several weeks ago. Yes, indeed the rifle shoots better than me. Reloading some 110Vmax bullets, anxious to shoot. Rain, rain, rain.,, perhaps next week. Semper Fi.... Fifth Marines Nam 66-67

We had M1's during ITR. They ran out of M14's So I'm at least familiar with operation.

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