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BobJ50 12-09-2018 10:59 AM

35+ years ago I imported and sold several thousand Garands [police restricted!]. Of all of those rifles, only ONE person complained and said that his "dealer" told him the rifle was worth less that $100 and he wanted the difference refunded. I told him if he returned the rifle I would refund his money plus $100 and his shipping cost. He asked, "Why?"..."Because I can then resell it for the current market value." Which at that time was more than $400.
He said he didn't trust me to follow through with that; I told him to ship it to the local police department, to a certain major who would hold the rifle until I could get a certified check or MO long as the rifle was as I had shipped it.
End of story. You want to guess whether he returned the rifle?
*tbone69-you hit it on the nose.
**See GCA Journal, Winter 2017.

Smokie 12-09-2018 12:29 PM

CMP1911 could have sent all of the weapons to auction. They could start 50 auctions a week with 10 or so pictures of the pistol so you could see what you are getting. I would bet that every 1911 auctioned would bring more that $1050 and the product would last longer. I will take seconds on buying what I have seen so far and in ten years double my investment in value or be a nice hand-me-down!!

JimmyP 12-09-2018 12:35 PM

Pictures donít lie, but they sure as heck fib a lot.

Originally Posted by Ohio Don (Post 1781257)
Photos can fool the eyes but looking at it, No 162X657. Can't make out the 4th number clearly from the picture but it also looks like a 1.
Now as for one that is hard to read, check a Colt Camo Companion sometime. Mine is new and unused and the number is very hard to see. Take a look at at 30 seconds in. It shows the right side where the serial number is and on his, you can't really see it either.

Iíd have said ď1521657Ē (to me the second digit has a flatter top and shares the same general shape as the clear 5 at the end. HOWEVER, Iíve also spent the last 20 years looking at messed up and worn serial and part numbers on aircraft components, so Iím of the opinion that the photo taken from one angle likely doesnít show how the number looks when you sort of ďrockĒ the frame back and forth to get different light and shadow which would likely make it stupidly easy to read.

As stated, any yíall ainít happy with your purchases, hit me up with a DM, Iím sure we can work something out.

ZvenoMan 12-09-2018 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by grumpa72 (Post 1781325)
I ask because it was posted that some police officers had looked at the photos of said 1911and said they were questionable. Grumpa72

No, "it was not posted". Read that post again.

On a slightly related note; who here has taken a photo of something (perhaps a firearm) where details easily seen live were not so visible in the photo?

I assure you there are very legible numbers on these parts. Police officers have looked at THESE pictures (not, as the post incorrectly cited above, photos "similar" to these :D ) and have acknowledged them for what they are; photos. Of old firearms. In unnatural light. From one angle.

CMP1911 has stated how they are handing the inspection process, including the serial number.
They have also said that recipients who are not satisfied may return the items for a full refund. That money should be used immediately to purchase exactly what the buyer wants.

FYI, try that with typical firearms dealers; let us know how that works out.

I still haven't seen any photos posted of a 1911 that did not make (or exceed) the CMP1911 grade description. I still have not seen any photos posted of a 1911 that would not make me think I had received more than I expected.
Most importantly, I have not seen anyone post that the photos of the CMP 1911s caused them to contact CMP1911 and either withdraw their application, or return their 1911.

So, by default, unless you have so contacted CMP you clearly think you are getting at least what you paid for, if not more. So please complain elsewhere.

My favorite, from Mr. "Bait and Switch": "They offered me a refund. I passed. Will shoot he heck out of it and maybe carry her. "

By default, this specific 1911 is now worth more than what was paid.

I almost forgot. I still think the entire CMP 1911 sales process is a sham, and will continue to think that until I get mine, then it will be, of course, perfect.
(Sarcasm again, for you few nonbelievers)

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