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Ottoman45 04-15-2018 08:36 PM

North Store M1D
On 4-6 wife and I took a 9 hour ride to the North Store and I picked out a Winchester service grade M1D combo.
NCIS put hold on me as usual and I wasn't too worried as I live in NY and has to be shipped to ffl regardless.
As of today I haven't heard anything from anyone concerning the purchase and my credit card still isn't charged.
Just wondering if this is normal or is there a problem I'm not aware of.
Would be horrible to do 18 hours in the car trying to keep my wife excited about my purchase if there is a problem and I don't know.
Thank you :)

Big_Red 04-16-2018 04:31 AM

Good morning.
If you see below, from the Sales page FAQ, the CMP will hold your order for up to 30 days waiting to see if you get a "Proceed."
If you do, they process your order...your card will be charged and you should get an email.

If you don't receive a proceed w/in 30 days, your order is cancelled and again, they should email you stating as such.
As stated below, the Brady Transfer Date does not apply with purchases from CMP.

If being delayed is something you encounter quite often, I would highly recommend going to the FBI's website and applying for a UPIN via their Voluntary Appeal File program...

Good luck and regards,




First- we are not your regular gun dealer. The law that established the CMP exempted us from FFL requirements. We are not required to keep a 'book' or to ship only to another FFL. The law also specifies that we must have a completed 'successful' background check conducted for each sale. So - we cannot ship a rifle until we get a 'proceed' from the FBI. The three days after a 'delay' does not apply to us as it does to FFL licensed dealers. We can also ship direct to your home, where dealers cannot.

Second - the NICS check submission to the FBI provides no information about the firearm - no model, no serial number, nothing. It only provides the information about the individual.

Third - we input the information directly into the FBI ENICS system via computer (not by telephone). As soon as we do, the name shows up on the screen in a list with other names that we have input and not yet received a response. The initial status reads 'new'. Every hour or so we check the list and some status will have changed to either 'proceed', 'deny' or 'delay'. If we get the 'proceed', we print the information and attach it to the order and put the order in the tray (for the date order was received) for processing. If response was a 'deny', we cancel the order and prepare a letter and send it to the customer with information for the customer to appeal the ruling directly to the FBI.

If we get a 'delay', we do nothing but keep checking the status until it changes. After 3-4 days, if the FBI does not give us a 'proceed' or 'delay', the NICS system changes the status to 'open'. This is not something we do - it is the FBI NICS system. We track the status several times each day for up to 30 days. If after 30 days the NICS request still shows as open - we cancel the order and notify the customer to submit an appeal to the FBI.

The reason for waiting 30 days is that we have found after all these years that most 'delays' and 'open' do change to 'proceed or 'deny' within that time. This is an arbitrary number of days. We can make it 29 or 28 or 15 or even 3. We just found that '30' works best in not jerking the customer or the FBI around. It does no good to 'run it again' daily - the status won't change. The FBI does not give us any reasons why someone is on delay or denied. This is between the individual and the FBI.

Ottoman45 04-16-2018 04:35 AM

Thank you....I missed that.
I have never been reason to I don't have a record. I just always get delayed for some reason.

Big_Red 04-16-2018 05:03 AM


Originally Posted by Ottoman45 (Post 1708620)
Thank you....I missed that.
I have never been reason to I don't have a record. I just always get delayed for some reason.

You are most welcome...I certainly hope the delay turns to a proceed soon.
And the UPIN can assist with eliminating constant delays such as what you encounter. Also, as part of the process, the FBI will also let you know what it is that causes the delay (or deny for those folks that get them).

We have one customer that already has a common a delay every time, even putting his SSN. He went through the VAF and found out someone with a felony record used his social to get medical care. Once he got his UPIN, instant proceed each time.
For CMP customers that have one, they need to remember to write it on their order form as there is not a block for it...

Ottoman45 04-16-2018 06:02 AM

Thanks again...I will look into it.
Do you know what are the chances they never reply and this just sits in the computer for 30 days?
Also I had no problem in March getting my IHC service grade.
I was a week behind everyone else with same dated paperwork probably because of delay but it did come no problem.
Hope same happenesize this time

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