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nmCollector 12-07-2013 01:29 AM

PDF Questions
I am working on the next release. Mostly I am focusing on User Interface improvements including an automatic save option for those who do not want to confirm their changes before saving them, making it more readable on these new high resolution tablets like the Surface, and incorporating miscellaneous other requests and suggestions. I also solved the limited size of images problem - you can now load images of seemingly unlimited size. I was able to load a 42 MB picture on my computer. I still don't think such high resolutions are necessary but the software can now load them.

I have been asked more than once if PDF files can be uploaded into NM Collector software. I have been told this can be used for scanning receipts into the software. My answer has always been a question ... Why can't you just scan an image and load it into NM Collector Software?

I can add the ability to upload PDF files into the software but I am not clear on the value of this. Can someone explain to me why scanning a receipt to upload into NM Collector as a PDF file is better than scanning it to an image for upload? I know some CPAs and Lawyers use PDFs for very large documents but it seems like over-kill for a simple receipt.

Also, even if you prefer using PDF files, instead of loading the PDF files into NM Collector would it not make more sense to just open the files up directly with Adobe reader? I would think that you would keep your scanned PDFs on your computer in some sort of organized file directory. If so, wouldn't it be better to just open them with Adobe and have all of it's features at your disposal? Why would you want to open them within NM Collector with what will obviously be limited capabilities compared to the Adobe reader? Perhaps, rather than building a limited reader into NM Collector Software, it would be better to store links to PDF files that can be clicked to open the files natively with Adobe reader.

For those who want this feature, please help me understand better how this new capability should be implemented.


nmCollector 12-07-2013 02:19 PM

More Genral Approach
Upon sleeping on the problem, I have come up with a more flexible approach that I believe will serve a broader range of users than just the PDF uploaders.

In this approach, you can add a link to anything (document, image, PDF file, url, whatever) and the system will attempt to open it with the appropriate program. I will start by opening with a web browser because I think that will be the most flexible.

Later I might try to figure out how to open with the appropriate application (Word, Adobe Reader, Paint, etc.). The difficulty with selecting the appropriate application will be how to accomplish this across operating systems. A web browser is probably the most flexible across multiple operating systems.

If nothing else, this approach will capture the location of important documents so they can be opened in whatever way is appropriate. I might even add an "Open Containing Folder" button for those items with a discernible folder path.

What do you think of this approach?

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