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yoteman 12-04-2019 03:34 AM

Mark 2 Mod 0 Navy Garand
I have for sale an auction Mark 2 Mod 0 Navy Garand. It is a Springfield lead dipped heal receiver along with a modified Springfield barrel that dates like it might have been original to the rifle. It has a muzzle wear of 3. The metal is really nice on the rifle as are the handguards. The stock is a little tough and what looks like a crack behind the receiver I believe is just a mark. I can not see it inside the stock well and all the twisting of the stock does not change anything. I do have the CMP Certificate for the rifle that will be included with the sale. $1250 plus the ride will get you this collectable piece. If you want a few more pictures let me know but I think I got most of it covered.

Det. Jason 714 12-04-2019 08:54 AM

I think that is a WRA stock

yoteman 12-04-2019 09:02 AM

Thanks for that info Jason. You need this thing. Heck, I could meet up with you even.

yoteman 12-09-2019 07:09 AM

This is a nice rifle with a verified Winchester stock on it all be the stock a little rough. The rest of the rifle is pristine.

4gun-drill 12-18-2019 10:45 AM

Was this a complete rifle auctioned by CMP or a B/R?

yoteman 12-18-2019 12:00 PM

The certificate says "auction" on the title. I am not the original person who bought the rifle. I do not know why they would have auctioned only a barrrelled receiver but anything is possible

Ripton 12-18-2019 01:43 PM

Is there an auction number on the Cert?

yoteman 12-18-2019 02:38 PM

Here is a picture of the certificate.

yoteman 01-05-2020 08:40 AM

New Year's bump

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