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Spacestuff4me 09-22-2019 06:31 PM

Remington 1917 Bayonet Mint Condition With Green Mills Scabbard

I'm a long time reader of this site but this is my 1st post. I'm on other sites for years and have hundreds of positive feedbacks so you can see that I'm not a Nigerian prince asking you to smuggle my $50,000 000,000 inheritance into the US for a 10% fee.

I'm a long time collector of NASA, space, aviation, military, WW2 Paratrooper and historic artifacts. I just had my 3rd heart surgery in 10 years, so I've decided to start selling off an obscene amount of stuff I've collected over the last 50 years. I thought the guys on this board would appreciate some of the stuff from my collection, so here goes.

Here is a beautiful original Remington 1917 Bayonet with UNSHARPENED Factory Edge. The overall length is 22", the blade is 17", it has the 2 groove wood grips in mint condition, the original green leather scabbard has MS stamped metal tip and top piece.**

The blade is marked REMINGTON in a circle with 1917 above it, the other side has EAGLE HEAD, 20, FLAMING BOMB & US. There are long blood grooves on each side of the blade, there is some natural patina and toning to the blade, the blue on the hand guard and rear locking area is 99%.

The scabbard is in excellent condition with 90%+ of the green present, the metal has some natural patina but no rust or pitting. The leather is supple with no cracks, the stitching is excellent and the leather hanger with brass metal belt hanger is excellent condition.**

I'm asking $350 for this, I don't think it was ever issued judging by the condition and it's one of if not the finest example I've ever seen. I've owned this for 30-35 years.

Please send me a PM if you have any questions or would like to see pics. I'll try to post pics here but judging from other sites I'm on, it's a major PIA so it's easier to send pics.

I am up for trades for flown or unusual NASA / space items or for gold and silver.**

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