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rubicon762 02-12-2015 08:05 AM

Any ORPA dates for 2015?
Any ORPA dates for 2015?

I 'd love to start planning...:)

TLB 02-12-2015 10:16 AM

Never mind, major brain fart. I read OGCA, not Ohio Rifle & Pistol, and didn't even catch the sub forum. Apologies all around.

Max Power 02-12-2015 04:32 PM

Are we talking about dates for the ORPA NRA highpower & EIC matches at Camp Perry?

If so, those can't be right. The May dates should be Memorial Day weekend, right? (5/23-5/25) And those July dates are during the National Matches. And they've never started as early as March, or gone into the fall before.

I'd also love to know the dates if they've been set.

alpha sierra 02-24-2015 07:36 AM

It's hard to find an organization with a worse communication plan......their calendar is STILL completely empty.

I've given up on them and will rather shoot at Atterbury and MRPC. Both are closer to me and much better organized anyway.

rubicon762 05-08-2015 08:24 AM

From ORPA's website:


ORPA Highpower Match Dates - 2015

As of this date ORPA has been approved for only two matches this year at Camp Perry. Due to financial constraints and reduced personnel, Camp Perry can only provide support for two weekends. We are still trying to get additional dates, but at this time, it seems very doubtful.

Accordingly our schedule at Camp Perry will be as follows:

May 30 NRA Regional Highpower Individual
May 31 CMP (Leg) EIC Match

June 27 Ohio State Individual Highpower and Service Rifle Championship (Run Concurrently)
June 28 CMP (Leg) EIC match

Rootsy 05-08-2015 10:14 PM

MRPA and Bluewater Sportsmans Association have decided to pick up the Memorial Day weekend matches normally held at Camp Perry. Saturday is NRA 88 XTC, Sunday is a 2 man rattle battle and Monday is a CMP EIC match.

Information / registration at

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