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remway 10-19-2018 03:50 PM

New Help Regarding SAGE DCSB
It's been a couple of years since I shot my Fulton Armory M-14 with SAGE stock, with a Night Force 1-4X scope using the SAGE DCSB.

I took it to the range and set a target at 100 yards. I don't recall exactly what size groups I was getting when I sighted it in 2 years ago, but I do remember being very satisfied with the results. I naturally expected the same results but was surprised with vertical string groups of 4 plus inches! I checked the scope and mount and discovered that grasping the scope I was able to get a small amount of up and down play at the rear base support (stripper clip guide).

Is this the likely cause of my stringing shots pattern? Will re-installation of the DCSB eventually lead to the same problem? Would loc-tite prevent this from happening again?

When I initially installed the DCSB I followed the instructions per: M-14 ENHANCED BATTLE RIFLE (EBR), SUPPLEMENT TO TM 9-1005-223-10.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance your your replies.

M14 10-20-2018 04:52 PM

More than likely it is the cause of the group spread. A little blue Loctite or Prime Lok type 245 Blue will solve the problem.

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