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martindc1 11-26-2021 12:44 PM

Garand front side blade width
I recently received a service grade that has a more narrower front sight blade than what I’m used to. I believe ‘as-issued’ they were nominally 0.085” or so; however, this one measures 0.070”. The sight looks to be USGI and has been refinished by the CMP I presume. There are no stamps that indicate it is anything special such as NM. Is this blade narrow enough to be considered outside of normal tolerances of ‘as-issued’ and thus not legal for JCG matches?

TomH 11-30-2021 09:29 AM

Unless you shoot 280+ in a match I doubt anyone will ever look at your front sight width, however I believe you will shoot your rifle better with a wider front sight.
If it were mine I would change it for that reason alone.

martindc1 12-08-2021 07:39 PM

Thanks for the input, my average is around 270; although my goal for the upcoming season is to break into the 280s. On the range I can tell that it’s a little more narrow but at this point I don’t shoot any better or worse with it.

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