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nmCollector 05-06-2019 11:05 AM

Looking for Beta Testers For Companion Android Apps
Hi Everyone,

I recently made substantial changes to the Companion Android apps available on the Playstore and am looking for beta testers to help me find anything I missed. Although I have tools to emulate different Android devices, there is nothing like testing on the real hardware and I do not have a lot of real Android devices to test with. This is where beta testers can help by running the apps on their actual devices.

I have several apps to test. Here are the links to the opt in for the beta testers for each app:

It appears that for the apps that are not free they have to be purchased in order to beta test. I am happy to refund the purchase price for any beta testers in this forum but I don't know if I can identify beta testers who have opted in and even if I could I do not think I can identify who in this forum opted in so I think I will need your Playstore account email to refund your purchase. We do not want to expose that to the web by posting it here so if you could do two things I will make sure you get a refund:
  1. Reply to this thread that you signed up to be a beta tester.
  2. Send me a private message with your Playstore email address and which application or applications that you opted in to beta test.

I provide a way for beta testers to comment through my NM Collector Software Feedback page but it seems like the mechanism for notifying me of new entries is not working. Since the notification mechanism for this forum does work, please feel free to post your feedback through this forum.

As a side note, and unrelated to the beta testing, if you wish to leave official feedback in the Playstore, please consider the following:
  1. These android applications are meant to be companion apps to NM Collector Software.
  2. As such, they do not have robust data entry capabilities because the idea is to enter the data in NM Collector Software and then export it to the Android apps.
  3. The data can be edited in the Android apps and then exported for re-importing into NM Collector Software.

Thank you!

Tothemax 05-07-2019 07:46 PM

PM Sent

Stingray 05-23-2019 02:25 PM

The Beta nmguns seems to be working fine on my Pixel 3XL running Android 9. Were most of the changes from the last version behind the scenes?

It would be nice if the Comments and Accessories sections were both exported/imported to the Android app. Currently only the Accessories are exported from the desktop and imported to Android as Notes.

nmCollector 05-24-2019 05:59 PM

Thank you. Mostly behind the scenes changes but I did make a few button location changes on some of the screens.

Good suggestion on the export/import. I will revisit.


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