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ceresco 12-22-2010 01:10 AM

Last Match for 2010
Update for 2019: No match this year. Difficult year for the farmers with corn still unharvested and muddy conditions. Maybe next year.... Weather update 6:00 AM--temp is 23 degrees and we have about one inch of new snow. Not a game breaker, but it complicates things. Should be clearing, gusty and warming throughout the day. Drive carefully. This Match Is On for December 30, 2018--dress warmly. We will have a propane construction heater in the small room and hand warmer packets. Should be 36 degrees, very little snow. May not be a crowd, but you won't be alone. 2018 INFO: Match is Sunday Dec 30, 2018. The weather forcast is cold enough to preclude rain and mud in the (harvested) field. The match will not be sanctioned...otherwise much as past matches. Be sure to check this post just before you leave for the match. Most info is the same--driveway is off the gravel road (I Drive South), so you don't have to make it up the big hill, improved (some covered) firing points and impact berms. Annual Newton Twp Marksmanship League (Lee Lake. This is a GSVMM 200yd (no pits) 30 round match. First relay is at 10:00AM. Show up anytime before dark. Fee is $10/relay. We support M1 For Vets with a direct donation every year. Directions: I-94 exit #104 (Eleven mile road, Battle Creek). Go south (about 7 miles) on Eleven mile rd to I Drive south. Turn west and go straight west one mile, no turns!! go onto the gravel part--stay on I DRIVE south). Closest address is 10068 I Drive South, Ceresco, MI. Turn right (north) into the corn field 100yds short of the stop sign at 10 mile rd & I Drive South. Park near the large barn. From the south--take I-69, exit onto M60 at Tekonsha. Go west to 11 mile rd, then north to I drive south and follow previous directions from there. Hot drinks and snacks, weather forcast is sun and clouds, 36 degrees and "breezy". Firing points have been tarped ahead of forcast rain and snow. This is a windy hill. Check this post for up to date info before you leave!! Call Phil at 269 580-6493 if you need more info. BYO ammo (no AP) Boxed HXP will be available @ $.75/rnd. Bring your CMP Sniper rifles--we will have a (sighters + 10 rnds for record) 300 yd (on the SOLO Electronic target) pseudo sniper match]. Bring your single shot military rifles--bolt, trap door, rolling blocks, falling blocks for a pilot "Antique Match". We will shoot the standard CMP course of fire but just 5 shots in rapid--then double the rapid score for the total. M1 Carbines will shoot into the 100yd berm. Hope to see you there. Good Shooting.......

ceresco 12-27-2010 08:05 PM

Match went off well. Actually was 22 degrees with a north wind. We filled the line three times for 29 matches fired. High points were a new club record of 283/300 courtesy of Master McSorley's 1903 and a fine 98/100 in a M1 rapid prone by a shooter firing a M1 for the first time. Scores will eventually show up on CMP Competition Tracker. Thanks for participating. That's it for 2010. Good Shooting.....

Chap17 12-16-2011 12:06 PM

I'm sighting in my long-johns, hope to see everyone there.


Ryan V 12-23-2011 04:26 PM

"First relay is at 10:00AM Show up anytime before dark"

I like that schedule.

Chap17 12-26-2011 08:39 PM

Wonderful weather and great people. Thanks to everyone who had a part in putting it together.:D


Ryan V 12-27-2011 09:58 AM

It was a good day, and good shooting Jess.

Ryan V

ceresco 01-12-2012 10:35 AM

The 2011 match went off well--scores are posted in competition tracker. High points were the weather--sunny dry and high 40s--good as it gets for Michigan in December, excellent turnout--we shot till dark. No new record, unless you count our resident Distinguished High Master and his McCoy M1--which we didn't count.--98-3 97-2 97-2 292-7x. McSorley could have bumped the club record up--started with 97, 97, but darkness overtook him and his usual OH didn't happen....88. He still won the match with his 1903. We fired a sniper match--four shooters shot with the regular relay at 200 through SP, then 10 shots at 300 (with no sighters there)--Won by Brian Quillen 193/4x with his 1903 A1 replica. Thanks to everyone who came and all those who helped make it possible. Good Shooting.......

Chap17 11-28-2012 09:04 AM

Can I revive this for 2012? Ceresco, I had hoped to see you at another event, but my schedule won't allow. Is this on for 12/26?


t.c.a.f 12-25-2014 07:48 PM

Looks like I'll be making the trip down tomorrow Phil. Bringing the 1917 and my "new" to me '03. By chance is the Doberman available to entertain my daughter, as I can't find a sitter?

ceresco 12-25-2014 07:59 PM

Glad you are going to make it, Art. I was going to leave the Doberman home since I didn't have a sitter for her. Maybe I'll bring her.... Good Shooting......

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