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sachst 11-20-2019 10:13 PM

Gas Cylinder Screw Markings
Okay- a thread search here and usrifle30cal, and the Duff, Harrison, and Canfield
books are all over the map on this. Essentially, there is no consistency on when the poppet became THE assembly line screw, nor consistency on what letter codes are "proper" for wartime rifles. Answers on when the switchover totally occurred range from a flat 2.5m, 2.4m's show on the Duff data sheets with poppets, but markings aren't noted, and Duff's book indicates single slots were produced and probably used at least in part through the end of FY45. Likewise, on markings, Harrison pretty flatly states only a "p" on wartime poppets, with every variant being post-war. The other resources don't bring it any closer than listing the different variations. SO- finally the questions:
1. For a proper restoration for wartime ca. 2.4m up, what poppet valve letter codes work?
2. At what serial # point would it cease being proper to use a single slot screw?
3. Is there an ACCURATE best-practice resource to help with this, or is this another "lost to the mists of time" thing?

7,62x51mm 11-21-2019 08:50 AM

I have what I believe to be an original SA 2.7 mil rifle (barrel is 1SA 4 44) that came from a veterans estate. Well used but everything is correct for the time period, anyway the gas cylinder screw is single slot while the follower rod is long fork.

The gas cylinder is wide base and round rear ring with a S stamp on top

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