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Whitpusmc 04-09-2019 11:53 AM

Lockbar Signts types 2B and 2C?
I have printed out parts lists for my M1 rifles from:

I understand itís not perfect but itís a start.

But, for my M1D and M1C they mention type 2B and type 2C Lockbars?

Do they really mean type 2 and type 3 lockbars?

When my M1D was made in 1952 from a preexisting service rifle would they not have swapped out the Lockbar sight for a T105?


aimit 04-09-2019 01:30 PM

Referring to lock bars or lock bar sights by "type" is confusing because not every author uses the same "type" designation to describe the different parts. Then add in the fact that there are both round end and square end lock bars for short pinion sights as well as long pinion sights and Winchester also had a square end lock bar but it was entirely different than an SA square end lock bar. Best to just describe the sight, such as short pinion, long pinion, round end lock bar for short pinion, round end lock bar for long pinion etc.

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