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catangen 05-28-2019 10:39 PM

M1910 Axe
I have what I think is a WW1 era M1910 Axe, I would call it a hatchet. My question is...from all I have researched the WW1 era 1910's did not have any makers marks, this one does. The later 1910's I have seen have a different handle, which is why I am kind of stuck on WW1 era. Also bothering me is that I cannot find anything on the markings themselves. "FH 136 NO 12"

Anybody out there able to fill in some blanks for me ?

Mark1 06-04-2019 12:09 PM

FH 136 NO 12, could be Fire House 136, Engine No 12

catangen 06-04-2019 01:54 PM

Well now that is an interesting thought. And could be a bottomless rabbit hole to go down looking for Fire House 136. Lol

Mark1 06-04-2019 02:23 PM

This could have belonged to a volunteer FD and after WWII they need supplies and could have had it donated or even purchased it at a Army Navy surplus store.

jsweaver 06-05-2019 08:30 PM

Hope this is mot a thread hijack, if it considered so, kinkly ley me know and I will delete.
I have one just like this that my father gave me in the 1960's. I always considered it a hatchet. Used it a lot growing up. The thing is that mine does not have the US marking. Is it a repo or manufactured as a hatchet in the Army style? Either way it is priceless to me as my Dad passed a few months ago.

catangen 06-05-2019 09:06 PM

If it doesnt have the US on it, it's not military issue. Probably came from the same manufacturer, but wasnt bought into military inventory. Does yours have any markings on it at all?

Mark1 06-06-2019 06:10 PM

The OP's hatchet has the US stamped on it.

navyrifleman 06-07-2019 03:15 PM

I am wondering if it might have had a longer axe handle and was simply cut shorter. I have recently obtained an old axe which was so "modified".

A hatchet handle is usually more curved with an end that is at somewhat of an angle, and slightly larger to prevent it from flying out of the user's hand when chopping.

I am not familiar with Fire Houses using a hatchet or axe of this style. Usually they have the large Axe with a sharp point on the back side of the head.

catangen 06-07-2019 03:24 PM

This handle is consistent with handles of hatchets from the ww1 era. Later they were more like what you describe. I have seen other examples with a exact match handle. Why it was referred to as an "axe"?? I do not know. But I think the handle is correct.

KRAG-30-40 06-07-2019 05:01 PM

Here is a picture of a M1910 stamped US and dated 1942

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