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slufstuff 05-29-2022 05:44 PM

Midway USA M5 Garand bayonets
Midway USA just recently listed a bunch of surplus Garand M5 series bayonets for sale. IMO, these are optimistically priced for what they are. $179 or more for even a nice M5 is on the very high end in my experience. But I guess somebody is buying them at these prices, since a couple of categories are already sold out. Posting for info and discussion only. I collect US bayonets, but I do not recommend these at this price level. YMMV

Mad Anthony 05-29-2022 08:08 PM

I get emails from Midway pretty regularly and I was pretty surprised at the prices too. Especially since Dupage has basically brand-new M5 bayonets with scabbards for $90 these are way overpriced.

moose 05-30-2022 03:08 PM

Well you might have missed a deal.

There were M5, not M5A1, M5 bayonets. The original spec before they enlarged the button.
These are hard as hell to get..

They also have never issued M5A1s.. if you want your usual surplus grade M5A1, those are 69.99.

Midway knew what the had and sold them accordingly, and sold out.

Can't blame them.

slufstuff 05-30-2022 06:59 PM

A new condition M5 might be worth $179, but it is academic since those sold out very quickly, they were already out of stock when I received the Midway e-mail. The majority offered were M5A1's. Some of them priced as high as $199.00, which is very high for any M5A1 maker. Somebody is buying them, good for them I guess.

I will say the $150 sealed M5A1 1960's dated (no scabbard) might be an OK deal if you wanted one in original packaging.

pbshooter1217 06-07-2022 07:36 PM

They also priced some M1 carbine mags extremely high the other day. I think some were at the $200 mark. I think they were only $40 each when they got them a while back with their carbines.

T38Carbine 06-09-2022 09:24 AM

I like MidwayUSA but they are very good at selling at what the market will bare. So not always a bargain to be had!!

buykcmo 07-25-2022 12:26 PM

How does these companies procure these items?

T38Carbine 07-25-2022 01:45 PM

They’ve dropped the prices!!

missilegeek 07-25-2022 10:02 PM


Originally Posted by buykcmo (Post 2153836)
How does these companies procure these items?

Going out on a limb, I'd think they bought them.

Phrogpilot 08-02-2022 11:54 AM

These prices are utterly ridiculous...

If they are really bringing these prices I need to start selling mine...LOL

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