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texengland 12-18-2016 03:52 PM

1907 sling
I cant find any markings on this but I was wondering if it is real or an older repo?

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M1Garandy 12-18-2016 08:20 PM

How wide is it?

The rivet on the short strap is throwing me a bit too.

texengland 12-19-2016 07:01 PM

About an inch and a quarter

M1Garandy 12-19-2016 07:55 PM

Looking at your pics again, it looks like one of your hook rivets has been replaced as well.

It could very well be a GI sling with some vintage modifications.

jimthompson502002 12-19-2016 11:19 PM

There's a kind of gray area where the M1907's are neither fish nor fowl.

Buying these surplus forty to fifty years ago, direct from the Army at the surplus facility at what was then Camp McCoy--now Fort McCoy--every now and then we found commercial units in among the issue ones, obviously having seen service. In fact, I once located about a dozen Lawrence Leather units with heavily chromed brass hooks, probably for some color guard or other, and I saw quite a few with weird repairs.

Strictly speaking, a rivet on a keeper or an area normally just stitched is NOT to regulation.

In practice, well--really, it doesn't much matter, and it apparently wasn't terribly important in service, either. At least in some quarters.

The verdigris tells you those are quite old. Technically, not to regulation, but if they look "right" and they're old enough, I just wouldn't worry about it.

However, if you mean "original" as in went through the military apparatus and bureaucracy that way its first time around, it's unlikely it left the factory and went to the military that exact way.

Chris_B 01-29-2017 12:16 PM

The M1907 was a very popular sling. My opinion is that the sling in question is a vintage, commercial item.

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