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nmCollector 11-04-2020 01:26 PM

Mac Issues - Workarounds
There are issues with exports on a Mac but I have developed workarounds.

On Mac systems, when selecting a folder is required for various export and backup operations, the Mac will indicate that you are to select a file. This is a Java bug on the Mac. Please select a folder as indicated in the title bar of the window.

As an example, when exporting data to a csv file, I created a new folder in the Contents folder to export to, selected it, and did not try to type the file name. This works.

A slightly different work around is required for exporting collections on a Mac. Whatever folder you choose to export to, create a new folder with the same name within the folder then select the parent folder. See screen capture below. In this case I exported the firearms collection template to the Contents > testExport folder. The highlighted folder is the one I added to make this export work.

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