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Rcoots 10-28-2015 05:42 PM

Hello All From High Atop Sand Mountain N.E. Alabama
My cousin contactacted me couple weeks ago an told me his friend inherited his granpaws house an was remodeling it an found an old gun in it an ask if I wanted to buy it.

Long story short i did,it's a 1954 model 70-220 swift with.what looks like from what little research I've done is an Alaskan lyman scope (for the most part) with serveral serial numbers on it,an has an R.A. litschert Spot-Shot attached to the end of the scope, which is mounted by a Griffin & HOWE side mount with 7/8 rings serial number 3306827.

If I could be directed to the correct forum where I could post some pics an find out some info it would be much appreciated, in the mean time I'll browse an try to find it.

Thanks for adding me.

Big_Red 10-29-2015 12:19 AM

Howdy and welcome to the forum! Interesting find...definitely something of which we'd like to see pics.

Best place to post them and any questions would be the Bolt-Action sub-forum, here...

Plenty folks who frequent that area with tons of experience/knowledge.

If you need assitance posting pics, check the How-To here, and if you have any problems, shoot me a note..

Again, welcome and good luck!

Rcoots 10-29-2015 09:26 AM

Thank you very informative,but it says, you may not post attachments

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