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Maxipum 01-19-2021 08:53 PM

Questions about my M2
Bought this a few years ago. My first transferable mg. Receiver ring is marked M2 but has a very low serial number. I already spoke with Mr. Larson today and got his take and I believe he is correct. I would like to post pictures and see what others think as well but I suck at techno stuff so if there is anyone willing to post pics I would really appreciate it. The guy I bought it from mentioned it being an air force carbine. No idea what that means.

deldriver 01-19-2021 09:13 PM

The USAF personnel used M2 carbines to guard the SAC bombers, although he could be talking about something else.

Gewehr43 01-19-2021 11:34 PM

What are your questions?

Maxipum 01-20-2021 06:13 AM

Does the font on the 2 on my carbine match other known inland m2’s ? Serial is in the 3 million range way early for an m2

Jim C 351 01-20-2021 08:34 AM

The overwhelming number of registered M2 carbines are guns converted to M2 prior to 1986. Your gun is one of those conversions.
Original M2 carbines have high 6 million serial numbers and are rather scarce.
The lower end of original M2 carbines will have the "2" hand stamped and higher numbers
are machined stamped.
All original M2 carbines were made by Winchester and Inland Div.
Jim C

ken792 01-20-2021 08:38 AM

Do a FOIA request to find the paperwork history. You can figure out who first registered it and when/how.

RASelkirk 01-20-2021 06:45 PM

My bud has a Rockola M2 and we all know that never came from the factory...


Maxipum 01-21-2021 08:39 PM

On the form 4 it states the manufacturer is inland manufacturing division of General Motors.

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