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1shooter 01-20-2021 10:06 PM

TMP Winchester 1917
Picked this up last week at the TMP. Bore was pretty dirty took a ton of soaking and scrubbing. I have a couple questions 1 front handguard marked BWco who was that? #2 in front of the trigger guard is US in a shield ? Iíve never seen either of these markings, any help would be great.

Nd1889 01-24-2021 12:22 PM

Im thinking the BWco could be Borg Warner not a expert though. Nice early Winchester,was hoping to get one on my trip to the south store but they didn't have any.

Bushmasta 01-24-2021 03:48 PM

What grade and price if you don't mind?

Doco Overboard 01-24-2021 05:02 PM

I have a M17 with a US in a shield just like that.
Have no idea what it means. I always thought it was placed there by an aftermarket seller when rifles were mail order or something like that.
Maybe someone could say for sure or provide more info.
It's located in the same area on the stock underside.

W9IXI.MN 01-24-2021 07:10 PM

Looks like the US Shield and eagles head stamp found on eddystones.

John Beard 01-25-2021 01:28 PM

What marking, if any, appears on the fore end tip of the stock? Is it an "E", "R", or "W", or something else? Please advise.



KVT390 01-25-2021 07:58 PM

1 Maybe, Booher Woodworking Co. ? They were in Camden NY . They made various parts for the US Govt.

1shooter 01-25-2021 08:06 PM

Stock is marked E
Service grade
I paid $700 plus tax $749
Most days I was there they had 5-20 to choose from

John Beard 01-25-2021 08:54 PM

As you may recognize, your rifle's stock was made by Eddystone and is a replacement. I have seen the shield on Eddystone stocks.


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