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mortonspoint 02-03-2016 11:36 AM

Carbine madness!
A bunch of us are heading to the North Store after work tonight. Taking several RV's so some can sleep while others hold the line. Who else is going?:D

krdomingue 02-03-2016 11:52 AM

Not going to be there, but I personally think if you are going to be in line, then you need to be in line. Letting one person hold several spots for others goes against the spirit of the "no agents" thing. Exception being if somebody needs to go to the bathroom or something.

abuck50 02-03-2016 11:57 AM

People sleeping in campers are not in line!!!

nf1e 02-03-2016 12:04 PM

Gotta agree with above. Someone " holding a position in line " is just un American.
If you can't stand there, you have lost your place. What are we coming to that someone would consider sleeping while others are on guard.

abuck50 02-03-2016 12:08 PM

I can see this getting pretty ugly if at 8:00 a group of guys leave some RVs and go to the front of the line in front of a bunch of people who have been standing there for hours. I know I will be there and would not stand for that. It would be best to leave the RVs at home.

Belltower0351 02-03-2016 12:13 PM

For the first IHC release, the first guy there would write down your name and your number in line. You had to stay in the parking lot to keep your number (there were porta-johns). He also handed you a piece of paper with your number written in permanent marker. When it was time to line up, it was very civil, and everyone lined up according to their number. It worked very well. When people were let in to the store it got a bit hectic, but the line was well managed. Thanks again to whoever that was keeping track of the numbers!

So, if you are one of the first there, I would consider doing something similar. No reason to not be adults about it. I will not be there. Good luck to all!

abuck50 02-03-2016 12:16 PM

I hope they do something like that.

nobody 02-03-2016 12:20 PM

Agree. You need to stand inline with everyone else... if you need to get out of line for a potty break thats understandable your spot will be held.
Sounds like its going to be a WWF Event. Someone get it on video !!!!. LOL.....

fafenman 02-03-2016 12:21 PM

If you aren't there now your too late

Unclebill 02-03-2016 12:24 PM

Last March, for the IHC release, there was a sign-in sheet at the door. When you arrived, your name was put on the sheet and you got a number. So when the doors opened in the AM you got in line according to your number. If you left the parking lot during the night, you lost your place in line. I am not saying this is right or wrong, it's just the way it was. Personally, I liked it. I am a little older and have medical conditions that prevent me from standing in line for hours.
Good luck everybody. See ya there.

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