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larry.k 06-24-2019 05:51 PM

New Member from Western Mass.
Hi, I'm the proud owner of a CMP Garand. Great rifle, just learning all the kinks, no "M1 thumb" so far. I'm a Nam vet, carried the M14 for long while, the M14 is easier to operate, but it has no "ping"!

BSAGuy 06-24-2019 07:23 PM

Hello and welcome from NC, Larry. Great to have you here on the CMP forum.

epm729 06-24-2019 07:41 PM

Welcome and thank you for service. I'm from the mid-hudson valley. If you want to shoot your M1 in competition , sign up for the New England Games in VT. It's a lot of fun. Eddie

larry.k 06-24-2019 09:23 PM

Thanks Eddie, I"ll have to learn to run the gun before I think about competition!

DeltaTango 06-25-2019 05:07 AM

Welcome! There’s a great group of folks here, I’ve learned a lot. Tell us about your Garand.

larry.k 06-25-2019 08:13 AM

Thanks for all the greetings! The Garand I own is a Springfield M1 (CMP Gun), barrel and the receiver have the same production dates (1943) and the finish on both match original Park. The barrel is rated 3+ muzzle and 4+ throat by CMP with original USGI walnut wood. The last owner steam cleaned and put a coat of tung oil on the wood so it looks good now. It has cartouches. The trigger group is new USGI, and the safety is very stiff. I took the trigger group apart, cleaned and polished the contact areas for the safety and it works a little better now. I measure the trigger pull at 6 lb. 8 oz. I recieved the CMP certificate and the CMP case with the gun. I've run 20 rounds of M1 ball ammo through it and everything works fine.

Headspace 06-25-2019 01:27 PM

Welcome Larry
Glad to have on board. Lots of great folks on this forum !

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