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Hawk 08-24-2018 06:31 PM

WTS Hawk's M14 Dummy Kits
I have for sale FDS " button" kits for $50 and Ambi (switch) kits for $60 each shipped.

These kits include:

All USGI parts with the exception of the laser cut base, which is welded to the modified sear release, screws and washers for shims if needed. Kits include the connector arm.

I ship only USPS flat rate priority to all 50 States ($8 per order).

I take paypal to

For your convenience, place your order through the website.

Thanks for looking.

Hawk 10-28-2018 03:26 PM

I was asked if these kits included the full connector arm. Yes they do!
One stop shopping for complete kits!

nf1e 10-29-2018 05:57 AM

Very nice Hawk.
Great to see you posting here.
I have 3 more stocks in need of Ambi kits.
Yo de man.

Hawk 10-29-2018 08:49 AM

Thanks Art! Will get them out to you by tomorrow!

nf1e 11-02-2018 03:32 PM

Hawk 11-02-2018 04:32 PM


Kaliman 11-09-2018 01:26 PM

PayPal and PM sent.

Hawk 11-09-2018 02:54 PM

Thank you sir! Will go out tomorrow!

slashbike 11-26-2018 12:30 AM

Payment and PM sent!

Hawk 11-26-2018 10:32 AM

Thank you sir!
Will go out tomorrow.

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