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broomhandle 11-21-2019 02:09 PM

1906- # marked- leather sling ?
Hi All,

I wanted to add numbers to my new sling. (1 to 16?) Found a picture of one one line, but the hook is on the wrong end.
Don't know if my new sling or the one in the picture is WRONG!
Can anyone post a picture of a 1906 or good repro. showing the numbed holes & amount of holes.
The amount of holes on the slings I have are not all the same from sling to sling! :confused:
Which might be why I can't seem to get it set up according to the book!
I now know one is shorter then others!

Thanks for any help,
broom - getting more lost by the minute!:o

Turner Saddlery, Inc. 11-22-2019 11:44 AM

There should be 20 pair of holes located toward the buttoned end of the M1906 Sling. The photo you discovered with the hook on the wrong end was probably a M1903 Sling (3 pair of holes @ button end) 52" inches OAL, or a M1905 Sling (2 pair of holes @ button end) 50" inches OAL.

Colonel Brophy has some info on slings in his Springfield book, but he misidentified several. He list the M1887 Sling as the M1903 Sling and the M1903 Sling as a M1905 Sling.

If you want to number the adjustment holes, I would start my numbering with #1 at the tightest adjustment and go from there.


broomhandle 11-22-2019 04:50 PM

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your reply it helps a lot. I did not realize there were various versions of the 1906 slings.

By the way, I took my restored Remington drill rife & the NOS Remington 1903 A3 barrel you sold me to Camp Perry this year.
"WE" shot the Vintage SPRINGFIELD MATCH! "WE" are both 76+ years old. We did not win or place, but "WE" did finish & were far from last!

Thanks AGAIN Sir,

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