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NuJudge 01-21-2019 10:59 PM

Smallbore Rules
One thing I recently noticed in the NRA Smallbore rules is that for persons older than 51, they allow the use of two kneeling rolls, one between the floor and instep, the other between your ankle and your butt.

I am age 61 and long past maximum flexibility. In kneeling, I can not sit on my right heel, my knee won't bend that much. The second roll changes my kneeling from wildly erratic to only slightly erratic.

I do not believe CMP Smallbore rules allow the second roll. Am I correct on this?

Major 01-22-2019 08:29 AM


I am in the very same situation with the leg that no longer flexs enough.
I used to be a very good kneeling shooter but can not shoot it at all now.

The way I read the rulebook ... no extra kneeling role is discussed so the answer is no.

I was going to attend the Camp Perry smallbore Matches but did not go because I could not get into the kneeling position. You can shoot standing instead of kneeling so that is an option.


NuJudge 11-17-2020 10:57 PM

Reviving an old thread, there are provisions in the new CMP Rules allowing a second kneeling roll for old shooters. I believe I will take up CMP Smallbore...

Major 12-16-2020 12:42 PM


I tried kneeling with 2 kneeling rolls and it works!

I am in the process of locating all of my 3-P equipment as it has been about 15 years since I last competed in smallbore. Seems things move around in the house and garage.

Just cleaned the old Anschutz. It was surprisingly clean. Now I need to re-learn all of the positions and settings on the rifle.

I will attend the 3-P event in July at Camp Perry. I hope to see you and other seniors there.

Practice hard,


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