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El Paso Mark 11-20-2010 02:31 PM

155 Gr. Palma for M1/M14?
Greetings all. Anyone use 155 Gr. Palma bullets for their M1 or M14? If so, how'd they work out? Also, where can I get published (Reloading manual, etc.) reloading data (Recommended powders, Min-Max charge weights) for the M1 & M14? Thanx.



musketjon 11-20-2010 03:32 PM

I haven't used the Palma bullets but have used the Hornady A-Max 155's with good success in my M1's. Will shoot sub-3" groups at 100 yds all day long as long as I do my part. There's an M1-specific loading section in the latest Hornady reloading book.

HughUno 11-20-2010 03:47 PM

I used them a good bit over the years, but found they get edged out in accuracy by 168smk's (and the 168 is easier to find good loads).

remember, the 155 was developed for a specific venue (essentially back then 7.62) to get supersonic velocities (using longer barrels) at 800/900/1000 yards while still maintaining a decent ballistic coefficient.

Palma 7.62 Match ammo loading is at LEAST 2900 fps.

If you are gonna use 155's, I would use Varget or 4064 and run the loads WARM.

78jeep 11-20-2010 05:20 PM

Mark I have the Hornaday book, which list M1 and M14 loads for there 155 A-max bullet. which powders are you interested in ?? tell me and I'll post what Hornaday lists for you.

Ericc 11-20-2010 05:42 PM

The 155gr Lapua Scenar's are very very nice. My best groups to date are with those over N140.


jimthompson502002 11-21-2010 12:35 PM

I get superb results in .308, using Varget and BLC(2).

This was in Garands (GI only) and M14's from Smith and others. I have not fired a cast M1A from Springfield Armory for over twenty years, and probably never will again. This has been the case with light and heavy barrels, all 1 in ten inch twist rate.

For whatever reason, I've never been able to come close in .30/06.

m1ashot 11-22-2010 12:27 AM

I tested them a whole bunch could not get them to shoot M1a. now the other bullets mention may shoot. and SRA Palma may shoot out of 1-12 M1 but not out of 1-10 m1a

El Paso Mark 11-23-2010 03:17 PM

Thanx guys. Eric- Thanx for the offer, I appreciate it. I won't be doing any loading for the M1 prior to end of year so I'll put the Hornady manual on my Christmas list. What prompted the question was that I read an older PS Magazine article that Dean (Dean's Gun Restoration) has posted on his website. The fellow from PS tested some of Dean's gun's/barrel's and I believe he said that one of the barrel's (Criterion I believe) shot the best using 155 A-Max rounds. Don't quote me on that though. My new CMP Special has a Criterion barrel so wondered about using the Palma's out to about 500M in the M1 and to 800M in the M14 (Not competition, just for fun).



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