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Wilcox Gulf War Vet 11-30-2019 08:05 PM

1913 Colt value?
Guy I know might want to sell this to me, I need to know a value. I dont know the internals yet.

Milsurp Collector 11-30-2019 08:10 PM

It looks like it has been refinished and it is missing the correct grips so I wouldn't overpay for it. Maybe a little over $1000?

Wilcox Gulf War Vet 11-30-2019 08:15 PM

I dont know about it being refinished, but the grips are aftermarket. He said he may have the original grips.

Milsurp Collector 11-30-2019 08:45 PM


Originally Posted by Wilcox Gulf War Vet (Post 1890251)
I dont know about it being refinished,

Here's an original one with a close serial number, see what you think.

Compared to the one you are considering

Wilcox Gulf War Vet 11-30-2019 08:50 PM

What do you think?

Milsurp Collector 11-30-2019 08:56 PM

I already said it looks refinished.

For example compare this

to this

If you look at the patent dates it also looks like it has a later slide. That slide marking wasn't used until serial number 83856 and later. The example I showed has the correct slide.

So I think it is refinished, and I know it doesn't have the correct slide, and it has aftermarket grips. As I said, maybe a little over $1000 as is.

Wilcox Gulf War Vet 11-30-2019 08:58 PM

I know

thebearpack 11-30-2019 09:09 PM

Pretty sure it's been refinished. You can tell by the slight rounding of the edges, blurriness of the roll markings, milling marks on the slide, dishing around the pin holes, the color itself, etc.

That's not a knock on the piece; it's not uncommon for these early guns to be refinished. It's just not worth a fortune. How much depends on how much of it is original. As it sits right now with replacement grips, unknown barrel & mag, and refinished, I don't think $1000 is a bad estimate and that's only because it's an early one.

BSAGuy 11-30-2019 09:11 PM

Definitely refinished. Sorry to see someone do that to such an old war horse.

Wilcox Gulf War Vet 11-30-2019 09:13 PM

Ok, thanks for the info fellas. At least I have a base to go from. No more than $1k

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