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GuapoPogi 03-19-2018 03:45 PM

Can anyone here identify this barrel?
This barrel came on my wife's Inland that she bought as a barreled receiver at the North Store 02/2016. I can find no markings on the barrel or gas cylinder.


6 Ring 03-19-2018 03:50 PM

I have not seen that ring on the swag before.

New2Brass 03-19-2018 04:31 PM

possibly from Erma Werke

GuapoPogi 03-19-2018 04:43 PM


Originally Posted by New2Brass (Post 1698669)

I do believe you are onto something. I've gone through that website dozens of times but never when I was thinking about this barrel. Comparing the pictures on the site with the pictures I took of the barrel the other day leaves me confident that it is a Erma Werke barrel. Thanks for the replies.


P.S. What do you think the value of the barrel might be?

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