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nmCollector 03-09-2013 11:30 PM

Next Release of Android NM Collector Apps in the works
I am working on the next release of NM Collector Apps for the Android and could use some testers. This has been a very stable application that behaves well on Android devices with no errors reported for the past year and more. However, there are some changes that I have been wanting to make so it is time to make them now.

I am starting with NM Home because it is free. Once it is ready for release I will update the other NM Collector Android apps (including the NM Gun Collector Android app) to match.

I have tested the changes in emulation mode for most classes of Android devices. I have also tested it on a couple of actual Android devices including an Android LG phone and a Kindle Fire.

Would you like to try it out on your Android device and let me know what you think? If so, you can download it here:

New features include the following:
  • Expanded Filter (used to locate items in the main list based on text you enter) to match on all columns shown on the main page.
  • Select a picture to appear as a thumbnail in the list on the main page.
  • Vertical bar (|) eliminated from the list of items on the main page.
  • Thumbnail sizing issue in the manage pictures gallery now fixed.
  • Changed the word "Aquisition" to "Receipt" (only for devices large enough to display the whole word).
  • Updated to run on the latest Android devices.
Please feel free to comment in this forum.


nmCollector 03-13-2013 09:36 PM

More Features Added
In addition to the new features listed above, I have now added the following new features as well:

  • Thumbnails default to first picture
  • Return from item to same location in Items list

I will be releasing to Google Play (Android Apps Store) and Amazon soon so please get any feedback to me ASAP!


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