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Twinson 08-13-2018 04:28 PM

Looking for going rate for WRA model 52
What is a ball park rate for a Winchester Model 52. There are a couple coming up at local auction and I don't have a clue as to valve. Auction states these are WRA model 52 target rifles. Serial numbers date to 1937 so I don't think they are 52C or 52D's. I'll know on auction day when inspection is allowed. Thank you, Jim

motorcop 08-13-2018 07:43 PM

Without knowing more about the rifles it's almost impossible to give you a price. Winchester 52's are all over the board pricewise. Condition is everything and originality if a collector. A starting point on an average 52 such as you mention is $650.00 and up. Sight and or correct scopes can increase the price way up. More info needed.....

Rick H.

Twinson 08-13-2018 08:09 PM

Thank you, I won't be able to see the rifles until auction day. $650 will give me a good start. Jim

jmm 08-13-2018 11:02 PM

Make sure you check for the "crack of doom".
This care reduce the value, especially if you try to resell the gun later.
CoD rifles are usable, but much less desirable. :eek:

Twinson 08-14-2018 09:57 PM

What is the COD??

edlmann 08-15-2018 08:22 AM


Originally Posted by Twinson (Post 1745039)
What is the COD??

Happens only on the early models. The crack location is outlined in red:

lyman 09-24-2018 03:39 PM

didja get one??

motorcop 10-18-2018 01:25 PM

Guess not...

Rick H.

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