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CMPTalladega 12-02-2015 12:35 PM

Competitors needed for pistol practice matches
The Talladega Marksmanship Park will conduct a practice Pistol match on Saturday December 5th at 1pm on range 3. Shooters will fire a National Match Pistol course and we may also fire a EIC Pistol Match Course. Please plan around 70 rounds of ammo for both course or 40 rounds for just the National Match Course. Volunteers must have competed in previous CMP and/or NRA pistol matches. Attendees for this test event will be given free range entry, but will have to provide their own ammunition. If time permits we will continue shooting, so you may want to bring additional ammo.

The purpose of this test is to to train employees and to run thru matches on our recently renovated range!

Competitors interested in helping staff should email Sara Rozanski, Chief Range Officer of Range 1, at to register. Limited number of spots are available for the test match, and walk-ins will not be accepted.

All CMP range requirements will still be mandatory. The gates open at 8am Saturday, so there will be plenty of time to fill-out paperwork and attend the range safety briefing. Plan on being at range 3 at 12:30pm, so we may begin promptly at 1pm.

Please email Sara with questions or call 256-474-4408 to speak with someone at the Talladega Marksmanship Park.

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