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canes7 04-29-2018 09:10 AM

KTS targets missing shot procedure
Can someone explain what the procedure is when the KTS targets do not pickup a shot? Does the backer get changed for each shooter? Would a off-target miss register on the backer and electronics? How are competitors updated?

The situation is this: I had a shot not show during the EIC yesterday at the Eastern Games. It was shot 2 or 3. I wasnít doing great but nothing close to having off-target shots. The shot in question broke perfectly and I would have called it an easy X. So when the shot broke and didnít show on the monitor the scorer called over the peeps and we were told that the backer woud be checked.

Thats the last I heard. Should I just keep checking the scores?

jarheadteacher 04-30-2018 12:07 PM

What the exact procedure is I can't quote, but I can tell you what happened to me last year with a KTS target.
Target said one missing shot in my rapids. I was confident I did not miss. I went to the Technical Official direct and told him. He seemed sincerely concerned and said he would check it out. It was not until I got back to the 600 yard line and I searched him out that he confirmed my missing shot was there and my score would be adjusted accordingly. Which it was.

Helps to be patient and have the ability to "let it go" and focus on the next shot and not let the "supposed" miss screw with you mentally.

Next time, consider seeking out the Tech Official before leaving the range.

I am sure they will find it and your score will be upped by 10 points. I hope it gets you a leg.

Good luck!

canes7 04-30-2018 12:50 PM

My score was properly adjusted later on during the day. Everyone had gone home so I wasn't around for a face-to-face. I was just curious if they changed backers after every string and what the actual procedure was.

3StrikesNC 04-30-2018 04:31 PM

Guy I scored for today had 4 10’s & X’s, then the 5th shot didn’t register.

They checked as the match was going on and turns out he cross fired.

Targets have been working well.

Kilo-Sierra 05-01-2018 05:29 AM


Originally Posted by canes7 (Post 1713575)
My score was properly adjusted later on during the day. Everyone had gone home so I wasn't around for a face-to-face. I was just curious if they changed backers after every string and what the actual procedure was.

I have shot a BUNCH of matches at Talledega. They put up ONE cardboard backer for the whole match. I've seen shots challenged at Talladega with the KTS system. For instance, If someone challenged a shot during a string the RO would tell the tower and then tell you to keep shooting. After that string 2 RO's would grab a mule and run down to the targets. If it is obvious that the shooter challenge is legit you would shoot an alibi string.

You can imagine what a backer looks like by the end of a 1000agg HP match! I have seen Sara R. and Bryan P. on hands/knees with a big plexglass template on a 6'x6' target backer comparing shots from the computer printout against the actual holes in the cardboard. If I can find some pics of this i wil post them.

Early on they had some REAL issues with the system. I have have made challenges and was right (and also WRONG). Bryan Parris has really worked hard and made great progress with the accuracy of the target system.

I would bet that 98% of the challenges now prove that the shooter was in error not the target system.

I kinda got long winded and not sure I answered your question or not. I hope yall are doing well and having fun at Butner. I'll be shooting up there Thursday and Friday. Cheers!


Kilo-Sierra 05-01-2018 06:22 AM

Dan, this is one of the pics I was looking for. This is a backer from a 3-gun (I shot my M1, 03a3, and 1917) match at TMP last year. There are 105 .30 cal holes in it. This is the backside of the cardboard. The shot way out to the left is an offhand shot that I forced. I should have taken the rifle down and reset. That lack of discipline caused me to miss the National Record 3-gun agg by 1 point. Leon sent me the pic after the match.

canes7 05-01-2018 07:14 AM

Thanks Keith. Thats the answer I was looking for, about how often the backer is changed. I wasn’t trying to disparage the KTS targets at all. I just had a shot go missing, my 1st time having that happen, so I was curious about the procedure. In the end, the miss was changed and all is well.

Thanks again.

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