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Erniesq 06-27-2011 12:49 PM

WTB Above Average SVT-40
I know this is a bit of a stretch but thought I would take a chance. I am looking for a better than average/collector grade SVT-40 with the following attributes:

Original, non-refinished, non-repaired SVT-40 stock in above average shape;

Original metal, original finish (not re-arsenaled/not-refinished, no electro pencil);

Decent, above-average bore and rifling;

Original cleaning rod and magazine;

Dated 1940 or 1941 (any manufacturer);

No reproduction parts.

I am willing to reach for a matching rifle (I know, fat chance) but an outstanding non-matching rifle (even a Finnish capture) may work.

Please PM or contact me directly at


txarsoncop 06-27-2011 05:27 PM

Here's a good place to look...
Probably not as difficult a search as you think. I'd give Dennis Kroh a shot, he runs Empire Arms. As much as I hate giving away 'sources' most of the time I can't afford the specimens he emails out pretty regularly in his 'New Stuff' emails. Of course I'm assuming you have your C&R or you've got a dealer in your pocket who'd order for you.

My one purchase from Dennis went without a hitch, firearm was exactly as described. The pictures he links to are high quality. I've been hankering for an SVT myself but they're out of budget. To make matters worse Dennis has posted 4 or more including a SVT 38 in the last several months.

You've got to be pretty quick once he sends out his email though...

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