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weimar_police 12-08-2019 02:12 AM

1911a1 in action
I've always heard that capturing 1911's in action was not common.

Here is one that was in a small collection of pictures I bought - also a Thompson - all Pacific Theatre WW2

and one of a guy kidding around

These are all copyrighted by me and in my books :)

AND, please no 'finger control' comments - back in the day....

0352 12-08-2019 11:25 AM

This is a picture I received a few years ago, showing Marines on D-Day, on Iwo Jima. Although no 1911's are visibly present, you can see the Marine on the far right has one strapped to his hip.

citizenkane1 12-08-2019 11:30 AM

Somewhere I have a picture of my grandfather with his 1911. He served mid 50’s in the USMC.

I have weapon slips for three M1 Garands he was issued over the years but none for a 1911. I did find a 1911 holster in his footlocker though.

Milsurp Collector 12-08-2019 02:17 PM
During the 1914 Punitive Expedition against Pancho Villa "The first sergeant of the U.S. Scouts was said to be able to track anyone over any terrain. He and his comrade are armed with Model of 1911 U.S. Army pistols, shown here with a U.S. Model 1912 holster."

The book US Small Arms in World War II: A photographic history of the weapons in action by Tom Laemlein has multiple pictures of US handguns and the other small arms in action during WWII.
The crew of the "The Pay Off", a USMC M3 Stuart tank posing with their personal weapons on Bougainville.
Marine radio reporters on Iwo Jima in March 1945. Despite being a posed photo, there was always a real danger of enemy activity almost anywhere on the island.
A Marine moves up on Okinawa.
Pistol training, Air Service Command, Daniel Field, GA, July 1943

Vietnam tunnel rats
SGT Ronald H. Payne entering a tunnel in search of Viet Cong with a flashlight and M1911 pistol.
Marine Sgt. M. W. Patrick, military policeman, police protective course
U.S. DoD Photo by Gene Jones

tzachary 12-09-2019 09:24 PM

Kenneth Hinds Exits an Enemy Bunker, 1968
"Fate for a Bunker: Marine Private First Class Kenneth Hinds, 19 (Route 4, Springdale, Arkansas) of C Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Marines [1/1], 1st Marine Division, crawls from an enemy bunker in which he had placed a charge of high explosives. His company found this and other bunkers during a combat operation south of Da Nang (official USMC photo by Rick Lavers)."

From the Jonathan F. Abel Collection (COLL/3611) at the Archives Branch, Marine Corps History Division


Roger Jenkins Sweeps Through a Rice Paddy, 1969
"Ready and Alert: is Private First Class Roger D. Jenkins, 19 (Jackson, Mississippi), as he sweeps through a rice paddy on a search and clear operation being conducted five miles southeast of An Hoa Combat Base. Jenkins is a member of G Company, 2d Battalion, 1st Marines (official USMC photo by Sergeant Huffman)."

R.W. Blish Enters an Enemy Tunnel, 1969
"Checks Tunnel: Private First Class R. W. Blish, 18 (Clairmont, New Hampshire), prepares to check out an enemy tunnel and bunker while on a sweep I Company, 3d Battalion, 26th Marines [I/3/26] during Operation Taylor Common near the An Hoa Combat Base, 18 miles southwest of Da Nang (official USMC photo by Corporal W. R. Schaaf)."

weimar_police 01-12-2020 02:08 AM

excellent pictures

ozarkmac 01-12-2020 10:40 AM

1911 Pics
Thanks for sharing all!
I bet many of us are thinking the same thing. Had we known then how interesting they would be now, we'd have taken more pics. Of course, very few of us had cameras and weren't allowed to take pics anyway.

corpsman5 01-13-2020 07:42 PM

excellent pictures! thanks for sharing! somewhere, there's a picture of my great uncle in Korea with a .45 strapped to his hip. if I can ever find it, I will post it.

Milsurp Collector 01-15-2020 09:52 PM
France 1918
Coast Guardsman armed with .45 cal. automatic pistol in leather holster standing watch over 78-foot torpedo boat, Higgins Industries, Inc., New Orleans, LA, July 1942.
Capt. Frank W. Corbett climbs out of his U.S. Air Force 17th Bomb Wing B-26 Invader after his final combat mission over North Korea. In full flight gear he symbolizes the pilots and other aircrew members who fly the hard-hitting day and night combat missions in support of UN action in Korea. During his 50 light-bomber sorties into enemy territory, Capt. Corbett and his crew destroyed 150 enemy vehicles, 34 personnel and supply buildings and a bridge. They flew 16 missions against enemy front-line positions in support of UN ground troops, blasting bunkers and gun positions. On Capt. Corbett's final mission the morning of April 10, the crew scored direct hits on five enemy trucks loaded with ammunition, exploding them skyward in a mass of rubble. Capt. Corbett received the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, for recognition of his combat service.
Marine Corps Military policewoman Lance Cpl. A. J. Nesbit practices firing the .45 cal. Automatic Pistol from a standing post position, Albany, GA, 6 April 1981.

weimar_police 01-15-2020 10:27 PM


Originally Posted by ozarkmac (Post 1901903)
Thanks for sharing all!
I bet many of us are thinking the same thing. Had we known then how interesting they would be now, we'd have taken more pics. Of course, very few of us had cameras and weren't allowed to take pics anyway.

in my years in the army (80's-90's) I have very few pictures in uniform - and almost none in the field, probably none

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