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Flemjasmo 05-12-2017 03:41 PM

3 non-US Bayonet ID assistance
Hi all,
I have a bit of a challenge for you guys. I understand that this is not a bayonet dedicated site and, I believe, these are not US bayonets, but I know you guys have a varied pool of knowledge and might be able to help me out.

So back in the mid 80’s my mother picked up these up at a garage sale in the Dallas area and gave them to be as a present. I believe she paid $15 for the set of 3 ... or $5 a piece. At the time I was just a teenager in high school and while interested in them I had no resources to try to sort out what exactly they were or what they might be really worth. I recall taking them to a Dallas gun show once, but other than a guy offering me “double what I paid for them", that was an utter dead end. So as I gave up, grew up, and these got stashed away and forgotten about.

Fast forward to now and I ran across these as I was clearing out and packing up stuff up for an upcoming move. Curiosity got the better of me and I thought I would make another stab at identifying these. While there is still a ton of crap and bad information on the internet I think I was able to at least get close on two, but I have zero certainty.

Any help that could be offered in either identifying or setting value on these would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Enough of the backstory…. On to the pics. Here is a family photo of the set

Bayonet number 1. This has a blade length of about 8 inches and overall is right around 12 inches. Of the three is seems to clearly be the most modern. It seems to be dated 1947 and has P in a circle maker’s mark. The pommel and guard are painted in OD green paint. The barrel hole in the guard is very oversized compared to other bayonets I have. My initial guess was that this might be for a Thompson with a Cutts compensator, but that now seems off base. It is not sharpened in any way as you would expect to see in a bayonet from around WWII. After digging I think I might have this one sorted. My guess now is that is it is for a British Enfield No5 Jungle Carbine and was made by Poole in 1947. This one does not have a scabbard. I also, sadly, don’t have a No5 Jungle Carbine, but it is on my “list” for the future.

I am really only finding reproductions for this on line, but I think mine is legit. What do you think?
Reference link:


Flemjasmo 05-12-2017 03:56 PM

Bayonet Number 2. This one I am much less certain of. Based on the Erfurt and crown I started looking for brass handled Mauser bayonets. After connecting those two dots my guess is that this is (or at least was) a sword bayonet for use with the M1871 Mauser rifle in 11mm. After looking at the reference photo below it seems like the blade and scabbard were both cut down (rather crudely) at some point in their life. The blade is now only 8 inches in length and overall about 13 inches. The handle is clearly brass with grip serrations on one side and smooth on the other. In addition to the Erfurt crest is also has a second crest and 80 on it’s spine. I believe this translates into the year 1880 and that at least puts it in about the right range for an 1871 Mauser. To boot the blade seems to be sharpened at some point along the way.

Reference link:


Flemjasmo 05-12-2017 04:09 PM

Bayonet Number 3. Last but not least we have this uncut saber type bayonet. All I can say is that it seems old. The only marking that I can understand is the engraving vs stamp on the spine of “yr 1886.” in script. Overall the thing is over two feet long and the blade is just at 19 inches. The grips are wood and well worn. The scabbard is metal and painted black. It does not appear to have ever been sharpened. Beyond that… I have no idea.

EDIT: There is another mark I did not photograph well. Sort of a double "B" back to back on the side near the guard. Also since year is abbreviated "yr" I assume that this might be from an English speaking country, but that is just a blind speculation.


I completely understand more information or photos might be needed on this one. if you have any ideas and would like more info just ask.

Thanks in advance...


TexasDan 05-12-2017 05:48 PM

Hi there. Thanks for posting pics of these interesting bayonets. All info below is only my opinion only ...

#1) Looks like a legit #5 to me, nice one too. Royal Ordinance Factory, Poole. I believe these shared the same scabbard as the #7 and #9, and should not be difficult nor overly expensive to acquire. Value: I've seen asking prices from $140 for well worn examples to twice that for better condition. Yours is in mid-upper end of the scale.

#2) Your ID is correct. Value: Decent full-length examples with scabbard I've seen go for $200-$400 depending. This altered one would be substantially less. :-)

#3) That there is a Portuguese M1885 Kropatshek, made in Austria by Steyr to fit the M1886 Kropatshek rifles bought by Portugal. The "yr" you see is the worn down or buffed out remnant of "Steyr". Value: I see prices from $130-$200 depending on condition. This is towards mid-lower end.


Flemjasmo 05-12-2017 06:03 PM

Wow! Thanks Dan, this is great information. Glad to know that at least what I could find recently was mostly in the ball park.

I have been sitting on these for years with no clue what they were. Post this here and in under two hours I have an ID. Thanks so much for the help.

Also not too bad of a increase from the $15 original investment!


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