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blfrankjr 01-28-2010 03:13 PM

Rifleman's Weekend May 1 & 2 JCG, Mod, SPR, MVB, VSniper
The 11th annual GSSA/RBGC Rifleman's Weekend is scheduled for May 1 & 2 at River Bend Gun Club just North of Atlanta, Ga.

Saturday May 1 is the CMP sanctioned John C. Garand (Mixed rifle) and non-cmp sanctioned Georgia Modified Garand for modified (Unlimited Garand) rifles.

Sunday May 2 is a CMP sanctioned Springfield Rifle, Military Vintage Bolt Rifle and new this year a Vintage Sniper Rifle class (non-CMP). You can also shoot M1s or Carbines Sunday in an out of competition class.

Free t-shirt, patch, year strip, camping on the range and Saturday night cook-out - $45 both days, $25 one day. Best value around!

Fun, well run event with typically around 100 shooters on Saturday. I hope you can join us! See RBGC website for more info:

or contact the match director: B. Franklin (770) 924-4414

blfrankjr 05-04-2010 09:44 AM

Great match - Total participants for Saturday was 111 and Sunday was 64! Experience ranged from High Master to never shot a Garand before.

Saturday there were 102 "as issue" and nine "modified" rifles. This is not "re-entry", we had 111 people on the range!

Sunday we had 28 Springfields, 19 shooting the Military Vintage, eight shooting our Vintage Sniper course which included moving targets instead of standing, and finally nine shooters in the Garand/Carbine "Out of Competition" match.

Thanks to all that make this a really fun match each year. Join us next year for our 12th annual.
B. Franklin

hagar 05-04-2010 01:10 PM

So I was not the only idiot shooting a Garnd Sunday!:D Where will you post the scores first?

And yes, this was a great match. My first time shooting it, definitely not my last.

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