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Random Guy 05-04-2019 09:19 AM

2019 CMP Eastern Games - random pics of vintage rifle and sniper matches
I got back from the 2019 CMP Eastern Games a few days ago. Here's a few pics for anyone interested:

Vintage rifle match (Monday, April 29th):

M1 Garand (ejected case is seen above rifle):

M1917 shooter. Note the battery-powered electronic target scoring system.
No need to set-up a spotting scope with this system to see your impacts/scores:

M1 Garand shooter with a nice rolling cart set-up:

An M1A shooter on left. Guy on right went 'full vintage' and wore a British African Corps uniform as used in North Africa during WWII:

...and he competed with a British Enfield No 4, of course:

Vintage Sniper Rifle match (April 30th):
There were 120 shooters/60 two-person teams. (A few women competed too).
The winning team score by my two Maryland-based buddies was an awesome 395-16x.

Here's my results at the 300-yard line. I really like the instant feedback of these electronic scoring targets, they are awesome(!):

Range from the 600-yard berm:

My shooting partner took this pic when I was sighting in my M1903 w/ 8X Leatherwood scope at 600 yards.
I used Creedmoor Sports 167gr match ammo (Lapua brass and bullets). Its great ammo.

600-yard results. My 1st shot hit the 7 ring at 3 o'clock, so I somehow pulled that first shot, but I really didn't recall it being off center hold.
Had I hit the 9 or 10 ring instead like I did on my subsequent shots, we would have won 3rd place overall, instead of 4th place...
Team score was 386-17x, which was the highest x-count for the match, but that first shot at 600 yards hurt our overall score. Darn it...

Souvenir from the vintage sniper match (4th overall gold). Missed the wooden plaque by 2 pts. Oh well, maybe next year...

The match was well run, and I think a good time was had by all. Highly recommended event for those on the east coast that can attend this event.

hebes405 05-06-2019 06:33 PM

Thanks for sharing! I want to attend the games matches there next year. I've heard it's a nice facility to shoot at.

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