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660driver 09-03-2019 08:14 AM

New member
Hello all! Just thought i would drop in and introduce myself. Im a 40 yr old minnesotan and lover of military history and somewhat collector of milsurp rifles. Im on a quest to find a rifle to represent what was used by all sides in ww2. I have 2 arisakas and am currently in the hunt for an IHC m1. I realize the IHC's werent used ww2 but its still an m1. I collect all things international harvester including tractors and equiptment as we do a little farming too. Glad to be here and nice to meet yall!

Jakeroub 09-03-2019 08:40 AM

Welcome! It is a good time to be looking for an IHC. A few years ago they weren't as common or readily available.

If you are OK with a mixmaster, there is no better source than CMP mail order. If you'd rather know exactly what you are buying, posting a WTB ad on this forum is an excellent choice. If you post a WTB ad, make sure you read the marketplace rules first.

epm729 09-03-2019 08:50 AM

Welcome aboard, glad to have you join us. Eddie

660driver 09-03-2019 09:09 AM

Ive been keeping an eye out on the forum and am currently watching the forum. I see there isnt much for IHC rifles available on the mail order portion right now. Im pretty picky about TE and ME measurements as i want a good shooter that will last a long time. All that said i am currently watching one on another site i may win. If that dont work i may try a wanted post. Thanks guys!

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