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jimthompson502002 11-22-2010 12:20 PM

M1907 Leather slings (even an 1887!!)
Often have other slings, sometimes including M1887's and the odd European item. Right now, very nice premium slings made with selected 12-ounce leather are on hand. But the standard stuff provides PLENTY of variety.

I pretty much always have some of these in stock. This is an old, long thread. If you want "hot" information....go to the very last page.

I sometimes have inventory reduction sales.

I have some premium drum dyed and am offering neatsfooted specimens...very nice, look outstanding, too.

People keep asking for specifications:

Standard G.I. length. The premium are superb 12-ounce leather.

1 1/4" wide, leather just over 1/8", long strap 46-48", short strap 24-26"...appropriate rivets and stitched keepers. No riveted keepers or other short cuts. Please examine the photo links provided in massive numbers.

All "standard" level slings are $30.00 each as singles. Unless some kind of expedited super-fast shipping is required, I cover transportation to you. You specify marking/color/hook material at this price point. There are often temporary shortages. I sometimes also get excessive stocks of one marking or style or another. When I have an excess, I will often reduce stock at a lower price, most often "2 for $50", and those sales are ALWAYS very specific. Generally, I choose what you get, with the parameters stated. Last few posts will update.

All of the "ultra-premium" jobs are based at $34.00 each. All of these have brass fittings, and so far markings are Rock Island Arsenal 1918, JT&L 1942, and the unmarked, and all feature selected hides, drum-dyed surfaces, and very sturdy premium stock.

I can do paypal, but have to ask 5% additional. Prefer checks or money orders. Upgraded shipping, figure a few extra bucks.

To be up-to-date, e-mail me before ordering. PM's can work, but have lately, effective April of 2018 update, started to "disappear" again, according to some of my contacts.

Sometimes I stumble across authentic units, which I emphatically do not recommend for actual use, especially with the tight "sling wraps" recommended by coaches and the Marine Corps. If I have those, I will customarily mention them here, list elsewhere.

Once in a great while, some special project allows odd bits and pieces of other items of slings, and I will include those here if they're M1907 or related.

Seven years and remarkably good results.

All repros--NOT FAKES!! That infers misrepresentation. And these are practical stand-ins that won't break, as expensive originals are inclined to do.

Had added Model 1887 (note from 9/27/2016: I am not stocking M1887's any more, albeit I can order them...) and B.A.R. slings ($32 short term--price will go up very soon!) to the array, but I don't have a lot of either. Decided that, when this last M1887 on hand sells (July 13th 2016 edit), they won't be re-stocked. The 3-keeper B.A.R. slings, often called M1918 but actually the "Model of 1907, modified" has three hooks, and they've been moving rather smartly. IN FACT, THESE ARE SOLD OUT, AND IF I GET ANY MORE, THEY'LL BE FAR HIGHER. Had Mauser slings and European straps of various sorts, but those, after all the questions and suggestions, proved to be clinkers. The B.A.R. slings are gone for now.

The brown dyed units, unmarked, Milsco, etc., etc., are on hand. Just got a batch of brass-hooked units in, including the MILSCO 1942 (not a premium unit), MILSCO 1942 with STEEL (blackened) hooks. Premiums include Rock Island Arsenal 1918 and JT&L 1942 with brass fittings.

Someone remarked that the WW2 dated units with brass hooks added a "little color and contrast" to his rifle of similar date/vintage.

Recently have expanded the markings pool, with a couple more types...MILSCO 1942 (in a variety of colors and styles, mind you!!l), Rock Island Arsenal (spelled out, brass fittings, dated 1918) and some unmarked B.A.R. 3-hook units. The latter comes with 3 keepers, one the wide band type. Sales have been tremendous, so if you need an EXACT marking best to check with me first. Have some ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL 1918 on hand, and a smattering of others, 7-21-2016. Even acquired an oddity: a blackened steel hooked, WW2 style (fixtured blackened steel, too) marked "Hoyt 1917", as if assembled on unused strapping ca. late 1942. A curious item!

Quite a lot of "anonymous" M1907's undyed and dyed reddish brown with black fittings (frogs/buckles), very few with brass.

The dyed MILSCO 1942-marked units (blackened steel "furniture") I don't usually stock in much depth, but they're also an interesting variation. I usually retain a few of those dark brown dyed. They vary in how they accept dye, which is kind of interesting. They're a standard item, not a "super premium".

Out of the brass-fixtured MILSCO 1942 until roughly mid-May, maybe later, but again, please inquire if interested.

Check the last few postings for most recent info.

AGAIN: ask beforehand if you need a precise marking/color combination!!!

And it works better to e-mail me, off the drop-down to the left, than to IM me on here.

This is an old posting, and I am compressing via re-edit some entries. I long ago exhausted my original "stash" of these, and have since been buying them in groups of 25.

There are photo links from my account showing about all.

Please check the last few posts in this thread for updated availability data.

These are reproductions, so are not "correct" in the traditional sense. They look superb, and smell GREAT. The term "appropriate", though, can be applied. There are a few folks who don't like the smell of tannic acid and leather, but not many. But they "look right"!!!

They are a better "buy" than valuable originals for folks who shoot or carry their rifles. After all, having a vintage sling worth $150 or so snap with a stiff forearm wrap not only represents a dollar loss with the authentic leather sling and a loss of historical material, but one may very well damage the rifle to which it is attached.

Have been asking $30 a pop for standard length and quality, $34.00 for the premium jobs, and $36.00 for the 54" and 60" ( those are the LONG STRAP measurements, see above for other specifications!! ) match/competition unit. The extra longs are out of the picture for now. I have lately been ordering new stock in units of 25. I pay the postage in the continental 48 for those prices. Any reduction discounts are strictly temporary. If you want a pair, please E-MAIL me. Intermittently have a "2 for $50 special", but I determine the fittings type, marking details or lack thereof. It's my way of making sure my inventory doesn't get too large or stagnant.

They're genuine, heavy duty leather, no synthetics. These are NOT the cheap, lightweight commercials, with short straps, that some peddle--the "Uncle Mike's" or Tandy variants, for example. I do USE those from time to time on a piece I have to carry, but I do NOT sell them.

If interested, advise.

Some links to the new stuff:

More recent additions:

You'll have to use a yahoo i.d. or establish a free account to use the very best of these shots, and you may have to "cut and paste" some or all of the above links. Some of the links are public. However, only SIGNED IN on can you view the FULL SIZE files, most around 7 mg's. Notice that the standard units, with $8 shipping, are HIGHER as singles on the auction sites ($30.50+ and more).

As long as I can, I will try to hold the line on price, albeit one of my suppliers went up last July and I never even noticed!!! The other suppliers have only gone up a few cents over the last decade or so.

I sell these on GunBroker and, too, but we're not supposed to use links to active auctions.

Check the later entries in this thread for prices and details. And E-MAIL me if you need more information.

I recommend oiling or conditioning these before even putting the straps on a rifle. Some of the shots here are neatsfooted, some aren't.

You'll figure it out.

As always, better to e-mail me than use PM's. I still get complaints that PM's are not reaching me....and obviously, I have no way to figure out if thus-and-such message was actually sent.

plarkinjr 11-22-2010 01:09 PM


OKC_Jim 11-23-2010 02:19 PM

I sent my order in yesterday Jim.


FiftyCalAl 11-23-2010 03:47 PM

payment went out today for 2 of each- what a deal? Thank you , Sir!

Kansas Poster 11-24-2010 01:27 AM

WOW Jim, I got that same message on bandwidth last evening and this morning.

I am visiting my daughter and thought it might be her internet. But only happened here in the forums.

I also just saw a thread where they had to call to get that fixed.

And like you say, email works the best for these slings.

You should have my money today or on Wed.

Make sure to post if you are running low on either kind or now and then to bump to top.

Thanks for your offer. I am sure they will be great slings.

Wittmann 11-24-2010 07:18 AM

I'll take one RIA 1941 sling sir. Email already sent. Thank you and have a happy Thanksgiving.

jimthompson502002 11-26-2010 03:55 PM

Here are a couple of shots.

You'll have to cut and paste the first link to use eccentricity of this forum, the first one is always inert. Not to worry, the shots are basically identical!

joju2 11-29-2010 02:19 PM

Message sent.

Jeep 11-29-2010 04:48 PM

Thanks for the timely service!
Did you send out confirm e-mails for what you received payment on?

jimmyzwei 11-29-2010 07:13 PM

Jim Thompson, just so you know your customer service is outstanding!!


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