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Additional information from Mark, posted with his permission:

Just some information for you to give you the rationale behind the 11.5 lb. weight restriction for scoped ARs. When you start at 9.7 lbs., you have 1.8 lbs. for scope and mount. No scope and mount we weighed went over 1.8 lbs.

The actual weights of the AR that CMP owns and issues for Small Arms Firing Schools, without a scope or scope mount:

With carrying handle 10lbs 1oz
With carrying handle + sling 10lbs 9oz
Without carrying handle 9lbs 7oz
Without carrying handle + sling 9lb 14oz

Rifle Specifics (as weighed):

Manufacture: Rock River Arms
Caliber: .223 / 5.56 - .223 Wylde Chamber
Specifics: Forged A4 Receiver with NM Carry handle,
Forged A2 receiver with CMP logo,
20” Match HNAR 1:8 twist, 416 R Stainles Barrel heavy
A2 flash suppressor installed
AR A2 .50 front sight post
A2 Match rear sight .40 aperture, MOA
2 stage match trigger 4.5 lbs. total
NM free float sleeve installed, A2 style

If the scoped AR weight rule is adopted the rifle will be weighed without sling and without magazine. The scope can be mounted to the carry handle as long as it makes weight.
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